Welcome to Murphy Literary Properties, home of the Julie McNamara Mysteries. The premier novel in the

series is Johnny Walker's Red, followed by the sequels Johnny Walker's Black, and Johnny Walker's



Meet the heroine of the series, Julie McNamara, investigative reporter for the Los Angeles Times. Julie is

tough, smart, determined, and lets nothing gets in the way of her story. This is what Julie does best-

snooping around in other people's business. She's been threatened by all sorts of thugs...and a few cops,



Julie frequently finds herself at odds with her friend Johnny Walker, the star center fielder for the 

Los Angeles Dodgers. Johnny is a magnet for women...and trouble. More often than not, Julie has to bail

him out.


Engrossing story lines, plot twists, likeable characters, witty dialogue, and a some social commentary...all

are trademarks of the Julie McNamara Mystery series.


We are interested in building and branding the Julie McNamara Mystery franchise. Inquiries from literary

agents and television production firms are welcome. We can be reached at murphyliterature@aol.com



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