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Julie is a truly likable character. Smart, sassy, and talented, she is also courageous and really good at her

job as an investigative reporter. Her relationship with her widowed father, a retired cop, is outlined in

simplest detail, but those pertinent points tell the reader so much about Julie. Julie’s backstory, her

friendships and relationships are deftly slotted into the story without overwhelming the action, because

action is what carries the reader on a crazy roller-coaster of events.


I found the characters believable, especially Julie. The author portrays the ups and downs, the passions

and foolhardiness of a young determined journalist in an authentic way. Julie’s mad journey unfolds in an

easy-to-read style with the heroine’s dry understated viewpoint actually making many of the situations

even more screamingly funny.


This is the kind of book where one does not want to leave Julie hanging by a thread, or off a ledge, or anywhere she might need help. Real, funny, fresh and fast-paced, Julie’s story will keep readers turning those pages. This is the first in a mystery thriller series.



Multiple Reviews for Johnny Walker's Red, courtesy of the Indie Bookshelf:

"Mystery and suspense are not usually my style but Dan Murphy has created an enjoyable read that kept me turning the pages. His characters are likeable and I cared about reading about them. He placed Julie in situations that were funny to read and I found myself really enjoying his writing style. He didn't try and sell me on some unbelievable situations, I could see them actually happening to someone. I look forward to Dan Murphy and what he has in store for Julie in the future."

~ Stephenie Risner Thomas

"I really loved this book, it was intelligent and entertaining, with a bit of a message thrown in for good measure."
~ Ian Seta

"If you like intrigue, mystery, angst, even blackmail, then this book is definitely for you! This story rarely had a dull moment and even had a few surprises; not to mention it's clever writing. Well done, Mr. Murphy!"  
~ Leslie Fear

"What began as an attempt to reinvent her career ends up as an adventure in undercover work. Julie McNamara is a no nonsense reporter caught in a series of unexpected circumstances and she will stop at nothing to uncover the truth no matter what it takes. A roller coaster ride of a read!"  
~ Nina Gomez

"I really enjoyed reading Johnny Walker's Red by Dan Murphy.  I thought he did a really good job of making the different situations the main character found herself in, a lot more believable than other books in this particular genre.  I loved the main character Julie.  I could really relate to her and her sense of humor and had a blast reading about her getting herself all caught up in some pretty comical scenarios.  I look forward to reading more in this series!"
~ Darcie Sherrick

"Fans of Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series should give Johnny Walker 's Red a try. I thought it was a fun read with plenty of suspense and laughs, but I had a hard time getting past the similarities between the two series to thoroughly enjoy. It was however, cleverly written and well executed.  3 Stars!"
~ Lindsay Sparkes

"Johnny Walker's Red followed journalist Julie McNamara through the trials of being laid off, struggling to find work, juggling investigations and trying to have a life. Julie is a genuinely likable character, and the pacing and tone of the story made it a lot of fun to read! I'm really looking forward to more from Dan and Chris Murphy."
~ Charles Sheehan-Miles



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