Meet the star of the series, Julie Ann McNamara in the premier novel, Johnny Walker's Red.

Laid off from her job at the peak of the financial crisis, Julie embarks on a series of hilarious interviews. She's desperate for work and will do just about anything for a regular paycheck.  While working as a freelance reporter, a surprise twist on an ordinary story opens up a hotbed of scandal involving Maria Gonsalves, the young Latina running for district attorney and her affair with Johnny Walker, the star center fielder for the Los Angeles Dodgers.  

However, Julie’s biggest story comes when she stumbles upon irregularities in the Reverend Ben Bradford’s outreach ministries. Could the charismatic, straight-as-an-arrow preacher be up to no good? Things go downhill pretty fast, but come hell or high water, roll those presses ...because Julie always gets her scoop!


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